illustration of kelsey van horn

kelsey b van horn

graphic designer | illustrator | hands-on gal

Art 441H - Web Design and Interactive Media

Banner Ads

Choose a sample ad copy option provided in class and design one static and one animated GIF 728x90 Leaderboard banner ad and three additional ad sizes: 125x125 Square Button, 300x250 Sidekick, and 160x600 Wide Skyscraper.

Fog City Hot Spots Website Design

Use sample content provided in class to create a full site called Fog City Hot Spots.

Delaware Valley Raptor Center Website Redesign

Redesign the Delaware Valley Raptor Center's pre-existing website.

Art 441I - Web Design and Interactive Media II

Personal Site with jQuery Slider

Solve problems with code in a jQuery slider. Create a site around ten personal images within the slider.

'The British Pantry' Full Site Redesign

Redesign a pre-existing website in full, focusing on SEO.

Bootstrap RWD - 'Visit Boulder'

Customizing a Bootstrap template around my design for a website featuring Boulder, Colorado.

SVG Line Animations - 'Why Root Vegetables?'

Learning line animation with SVG files and embedding them into websites.

Edge Animations - 'Personal Brand Logo Animation'

We went over how to animate in Adobe Edge. The goal was to take a simple illustration or design and turn it into something more!